• Foods and drinking water analytics with quality management
• Cutting-edge technology at the highest level
• Tested and certified testing procedure
• Highly trained staff who receive constant further training

Food Analysis

We analyse foods for chemical-physical pollution as well as microbiological parameters. Our laboratory is DIN EN ISO 17025 accredited*. Our analyses are conducted according to the official methods laid down in § 64 of the LFGB and more. You are on the safe side with an analysis conducted by us.


Our drinking water analysis offers safety for private households and owners. We take a sample directly on-site and test your water for germs and pathogens harmful to health as well as pollution through metal and other substances. The drinking water analysis gives you certainty when it comes to the purity of your drinking water.


We offer extensive consulting and educational advising for final consumers as well as businesses in the areas of drinking water pollution, hygiene control, food contamination, kitchen hygiene, fulfilment of conditions stipulated by health authorities, chemical residue in foods and legal as well as human health aspects.

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Our test seal

Test seals standing for credible, competent and independent
analysis can influence the end consumer’s opinion on product
quality and therefore the decision to buy said product.
The seal “Chemical Laboratory Dr. Mang” stands for quality and safety.

We have been standing for competence, quality and high credibility
for over thirty years and we are happy to certify your product and your company
in order to further your economic success. Our seals suggest high
credibility to the end consumer –
giving your product and your company a clear advantage.


Foods tested and certified by us have to regularly pass several analyses. Our testing procedures are also subject to strict controls and are documented with test reports. This way producers, distributors and consumers have twice the safety and more transparency in the long run.


Whether in your own home or in large-scale water heating systems, a drinking water analysis will give you information about pathogens such as legionella bacteria or contamination with heavy metals such as lead. Only drinking water that passes our tough testing receives our seal of approval. Incidentally, testing for legionella bacteria has been obligatory in large-scale facilities for drinking water heating in tenements since 14.12.2012.

*Accreditation is only valid for the scope of accreditation specified in the document’s annex (D-PL-17110-01)